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Matrikon OPC UA Embedded SDK Certified

    Matrikon announced that Version 2.0 of the Matrikon OPC UA Embedded Software Development Kit (SDK) has been certified by the OPC Foundation’s Independent test labs to be compliant with the Embedded OPC Server profile.

    To achieve this certification, Matrikon added support for OPC UA security to the industry’s smallest commercially available embedded OPC UA toolkit. This allows product vendors the ability to provide their customers with networked products that deliver secure OPC UA connectivity right out of the box – an important consideration in today’s highly connected but unsecure world.

    sdk_architectureDarek Kominek, marketing manager at Matrikon commented, “Growing demand for products that easily interconnect and share data in meaningful and effective ways is accelerating the emergence of the Internet of Things. To meet this demand, vendors of networked devices in all sectors of the economy – from industrial to commercial and consumer sectors – need to make their products easy to integrate in a secure manner.”

    Kominek further added, “While the OPC UA specification from the OPC Foundation defines how this can be accomplished, Matrikon provides vendors with the means to quickly and easily implement OPC UA directly in their products even when memory and processing resources are limited.”