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Unified Automation C++ Based OPC UA Server Certified

    The C++ OPC UA Demoserver built with the C++ based OPC UA Server SDK/Toolkit in its latest Version 1.4.3 was successfully tested by the OPC Foundation for compliance with OPC UA Specification V1.02.

    Back in 2011, version 1.3.1 of the C++ SDK was the first commercial Software Development kit to receive a Certificate of Compliance.

    “The renewal of certification proves our continuous effort to sustain a high product quality”,  says Jürgen Boxberger, Executive Director at Unified Automation. “Our customers can be sure to buy a product that is regularly improved and remains state of the art.”

    4a92248296The certification test includes functional testing, interface conformance, interoperability testing and behavior testing related to the latest OPC UA Specifications. The test laboratory runs the server against the latest Compliance Test Tool (UA-CTT). The C++ based OPC UA Demo Server passed all tests including the UA profiles “UA Standard Server” and “UA DataAccess Server”.

    The UA SDK/Toolkit is a C++ library that supports you in writing portable C++ OPC UA Servers. The UA SDK actually consists of two SDKs, a Server SDK and a Client SDK. Both use the same UA Base Library which does all the C++ encapsulation of the raw ANSI C types that are defined in the OPC UA Communication Stack by the OPC Foundation.

    The SDK simplifies the UA stack APIs, implements common UA functionality needed in most or all UA applications, provides base functionality and helper functions, implements the security handling and provides samples for common use cases. The C++ OPC UA Server SDK provides a C++ class library used to develop OPC UA Servers providing a standard interface to vendor specific systems. The OPC UA Server is normally used to describe the available information from a vendor system and to provide access to the data for external systems in a standardized way.

    To make the implementation of C++ based OPC UA Servers as easy as possible, the SDK:

    • Implements all common UA functionality as reference implementation,
    • Defines interfaces to integrate the vendor system data into the OPC UA Server,
    • Provides base and helper classes implementing often used functionality for a vendor system integration,
    • Provides wrapper classes for all system functionality and OPC UA structures,
    • Provides sample implementations and make files for Windows and Linux,
    • Provides UA stack platform layers for Windows and Linux.

    As an additional feature the SDK itself is platform independent and depends only on the OPC UA ANSI C Stack and its platform layer and the crypto API defined by the stack. There is no dependency on other libraries than the OPC UA ANSI C Stack and its dependencies. The figure shows the main modules of the SDK and the integration into a server application.

    Version 1.4.3 is the latest release of the C++ based OPC UA Server SDK.

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